Cashless policy

Cashless policy


The management of NORHENZ LIMITED in view of the nature of work in the Oil / Gas and Allied industries, hereby in this CASHES Policy.

  1. That management is fully committed to the administration and enforcement of CASHES standards in all our operations.
  2. That CASHES is as important as any other aspect of our mainstream business operation, it must be given priority attention.
  3. That CASHES is a line / sectional responsibility.
  4. That everyone is responsible for their own safety and their colleague’s safety at work sites.
  5. That unconditional acceptance by staff of compliance with company’s CASHES policy is a pre-requisite for employment.
  6. That we shall observe all laid down safety regulations of our clients as well as comply with all legislations on safety at work and environment in all the status books of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  7. That the safety and health of our workers; protected of the Environment and Security of workers and equipment must be accorded priority attention in our entire work site.
  8. The company will respect the culture and tradition of the host community and involve itself in the affairs of the community as much as is practically possible. At least 60% of the work force on site from the host community.
  9. That enough resources will be set aside for CASHES management in the company.
  10. Regular training of staff on various aspects of CASHES management will be accorded priority attention at all times.
  11. That we shall encourage and motivate our employees by recognizing good CASHES performance amongst employees through CASHES awards.
  12. That adequate disciplinary actions will be taken against employees for flagrant violation or regular breach of CASHES rules.

To implement the above policy, work / activity will not commence until all CASHES issues are satisfied. Every employee should report to their supervisor if they believe that any act or condition is contrary to the company CASHES policy.

The supervisor has the right to investigate and stop the activity until conditions are improved.

This CASHES policy statement is the current one for the company inn the year 2014.