Employee And Community Relations

Employee And Community Relations


NORHENZ is founded upon a caring and sensitive management basis.

From inception, we operated upon an equal basis for all employees, regardless of their background, race or job title.


Medical cover, company loans emergency evacuation and training programs for staff.

  • Full CASHES policy compliance.
  • Workers compensation insurance.

We are committed to build an indigenous, international standard, engineering capability in Nigerian. Over location and facilities positions, enables us to render efficient, immediate and quality services to our clients. As a local business, we understand the environment and its difficulties and are able to handle local problems without issue and bring practical answers to problems as they arise. We would like to emphasis that to the fullest extent possible, we arrange for contractor works to be executed locally, maximizing upon indigenous labor and services content.

We are committed to developing a staff spirit co-operative culture, respect and appreciation for client’s relationship and the necessity to adhere to internal quality control to meet these objectives, we are introducing training courses used successfully by our partners to inspire and instill our corporate focus commitment to specialized service and technology leadership, not simply supplying man-hours.