Engineering Services/Design

Engineering Services/Design


Civil / Structural Engineering Construction

  • Design and construction of all building ( Resident, offices, industrial Etc)
  • Drainage System construction and improvement
  • Construction of foundation for Heavy Equipment and telecom Mast
  • Construction of Transformer Sub-station
  • Construction of Access Road with side Drains
  • Landscaping and painting


Mechanical Engineering construction / MaintenanceEngineering Services/Design

  • Construction of flow lines and repairs
  • Coating of pipeline with concrete and polyethylene sleeves

Computer Engineering / Maintenance

  • Supply of computers and Accessories
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Networking
  • Internet Dish Installation
  • Software Development
  • Web Site Design

Electrical engineering and maintenance

  • Industrial and Domestic wiring
  • Power system engineering and maintenance
  • Maintenance and installation of various Motors
  • Quality trouble-shooting and repairs

Instrumentation and Control

  • General maintenance and installation of oil and gas instrumentation equipment from the safest view point